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Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning for your Organisation


Vulnerability scanning is a technique used to identify weakness in your organisation’s network or website.


Why you should consider Vulnerability Scanning


  • Cyber-attacks are an ever-growing threat for every organisation no matter their size.

  • Running a Vulnerability Scan can identify potential security holes in your IT systems and web site before a cybercriminal does.

  • Taking this penetrative step can allow your organisation to maintain strong cyber security posture.

Our Services

We can help you discover vulnerabilities that exist within your organisation's infrastructure. Below are the vulnerability scanning services we offer.

One-time Internal Vulnerability Scan

A moment in time test, where we run our vulnerability scanner onsite against all corporate assets attached to the network. Upon completion we provide a full report, highlighting the most critical vulnerabilities with guidance on remediation.

One-time Internal & External Vulnerability Scan

This is essentially the same as the internal vulnerability scan. However, in addition we scan any public facing IPs and websites for known vulnerabilities.

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

We install an agent on your devices and generate a weekly report with actionable feedback and remediation for any vulnerabilities discovered.

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