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Where should a business start with cyber security?

A business should start by assessing its current security posture and identify any potential vulnerabilities. This initial stage includes conducting a risk assessment to identify potential threats and the potential impact of a successful attack, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of the businesses existing security controls.

Once weaknesses have been identified, the business must prioritise them and develop a plan to address them.

Equally, it is important for businesses to provide cyber security awareness training to employees, as they often become the first line of defence against cyber-attacks. This training should provide employees with guidance on the latest tactics and techniques used by cybercriminals.

Examples of what this training could cover are:

1. Password Security

2. Phishing & Social Engineering

3. Device Security

4. Physical Security

5. Reporting suspicious events or incidents.

It is worth considering that any skills learnt here can protect employees and their loved ones in their personal lives.

Additionally, businesses must consider implementing regular security testing, such as penetration testing or vulnerability scanning. These services are important security measures that help companies continually identify and address potential security weaknesses in their systems and networks. Also, it is important to consider monitoring critical resources to ensure that all activities are regularly monitored and logged enabling the business to detect and respond should an incident occur.

Finally, businesses should have incident response plan readily available in case of a security breach. This plan should outline the steps to contain the incident, assess the damage, and restore normal operations.

Cyber threats are becoming increasingly prevalent, and it's essential for businesses of all sizes to take proactive measures to safeguard their assets. Cyber Sense is here to help organisations embark on their cyber security journey, providing the tools and support they need to secure their systems and data. We offer a comprehensive approach to cyber security that covers everything from vulnerability assessments to incident response. Whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your current security posture, Cyber Sense has the expertise and experience to help.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you protect your business from cyber threats.

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