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  • Robert Connor

Brian Krebs’ 3 Basic Rules

Recently I rediscovered an article from Brian Krebs about 3 Basic Rules for staying safe online. Amazingly, it was written in 2011 but, if followed today, these basics tips can still help thwart many threats.

  1. “If you didn’t go looking for it, don’t install it!”Only install software and add-ons you go looking for. Use official channels to install the software, such as the vendors website, Apple AppStore or Google Play Store. Brian Krebs, also, advises avoiding directly responding to emails from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Banks or other sites that hold your information. Instead visit these websites using a web browser bookmark. This is great advice to protect yourself against phishing attempts.

  2. “If you installed it, update it”attackers will look to exploit known weaknesses in software, called Vulnerabilities. By regularly updating your operating system and applications you can patch these vulnerabilities. It is worthwhile frequently checking for updates for your Operating System and applications as alerts to update come days or weeks after patches are released.

  3. “If you no longer need it, remove it.” Redundant software can slow down your computer. If the app runs at start-up, it could continue to run an unnecessary process in the background whilst you are logged on. However, the biggest concern would be that software you are no longer using is unlikely to be updated. Over time weaknesses are found in the software and, if left unpatched, they can be exploited and compromise the security of your device.

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