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Why working with an Administrator Account a bad idea?

Updated: Feb 14

Cyber Essentials A7.7 requires organisations to ensure that Administrator accounts are prevented from being used to carry out everyday tasks like browsing the web or accessing email. Therefore, why is working with administrative accounts considered such a high risk?

Working with administrative privileges is generally considered a bad idea because it increases the risk of a security incident. When a user has administrative privileges, they have the ability to make changes to the operating system and to install software, which can also include malware. If a user with administrative privileges falls victim to a phishing attack or visits a compromised website, an attacker may be able to install malware on the user's device, potentially giving them access to sensitive information. Additionally, if a user with administrative privileges inadvertently makes a mistake, such as deleting an important file or changing a system configuration, it can have serious consequences. By using a standard user account with limited privileges, users can still perform their job duties without risking the security of the organization. In case of any suspicious activity, an IT team can investigate and take actions while keeping the system secure. Furthermore, it's also important to note that if you are working on a shared machine, it is not a good practice to work with admin privileges as it can be easily abused and can also allow other users to make changes that you may not be aware of.

In summary, working with administrative privileges can increase the risk of a security incident, and it is generally considered a best practice to use a standard user account with limited privileges to perform daily job duties.

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